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October 1, 2020
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How To Feel Good

Shelly Haines Health Coach and Wellness Mentor

Make feeling good a habit.

Want to know my secret to how to feel good?

I make it a habit.

It’s not necessarily for free and does require a little effort. What you put into making feeling good a habit is what you get out of this. This isn’t to say you will never have harder days, because if you’re alive and a human then you will have a fluctuation of emotions and daily life challenges. It’s how you bounce back from them is what matters most. Keep your eye on the prize; to feel happy.

I was inspired by the works of award-winning author and self-help guru, Gabby Bernstein. She has books and codes on creating the habit of feeling good.

My Magic Formula of Feeling Good

Make a habit of being confident, trusting your decisions, and choosing light over darkness.
But you may be thinking… I feel horrible and my life has been turned upside down due to external circumstances so how am I supposed to find the light?

The truth is that whatever is happening is most likely temporary. It will GET Better, think about how to feel happy.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself and your body. You are working together as one.

It’s my belief the universe is our teacher a lesson so I choose to learn.

What is my lesson I choose to learn here?

How can I reframe my thoughts?

How can I find the good in the situation?

Next is to be resilient and decide what is your lesson to learn so you can move out of STUCK. Stop the negative chatter in your head. Change your mood. Make today a good day. YOU are WORTHY of Feeling GOOD.

Never Underestimate The Healing Powers of Nature

Shelly Haines Health Coach and Wellness Mentor
How to make feeling good a habit.

Find time to BE in NATURE or spend time with FLUFFY Animals. Research has demonstrated time and time again, that being in nature relieves stress, and allows us to get connected with our inner self. Being around animals and babies also makes us feel better by increase feel-good hormones.

When your feel-good mood is being CHALLENGED, here are some other ideas from Health Line that work for people like you and remember it’s very personal. Also, this list of your “go to’s” will change as you evolve.

There are definitely a number of proactive things we can do when we start feeling ourselves getting down and need a quick shift. If you’re looking for ways to turn a bad mood around, here are simple and free ways seven ways to improve your mood quickly.

  • Listen to up beat music
  • Watch or listen to comedy that makes you laugh
  • Watch babies laughing
  • Watch cute puppies and baby animal videos
  • Take a hot or cold shower or bath
  • Stretch and move around
  • Hum to yourself and sing along to your favorite song

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