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Is Eating Healthy a Challenge? 

Navigating health challenges can be significantly improved by addressing nutrition and implementing healthier habits. The information found on Google can be overwhelming, but I make it simple because it actually is easier than you may believe. It’s more about becoming educated about food and making slow transitions into healthy eating.

As a Health Coach, I work with you to:

  • Address the root cause of unwanted eating habits
  • Set short-term SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals) and work towards achieving long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Hold you accountable
  • Recognize and overcome barriers that may be preventing you from achieving goals
  • Experiment and determine which foods help your body thrive
  • Provide easy and proven recipe resources
  • Share other helpful resources for overall well-being. 

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried everything to lose weight, but you always gain it back. You get lost in the enormous amounts of information about how to eat healthily. You’re frustrated because your doctor tells you to eat healthily, but you need more guidance. You’ve tried eating better but seem to “fall off the wagon.” You’re serious about making better choices around food because your life depends on it. You know you will do better with a personal coach on your team.

If you’re lost, you need the right type of support and personal encouragement to step into a mindset that will no longer hold you back. Join the thousands of others who took a chance on a certified integrative nutrition health coach.

What is Health Coaching?

  • Coaching is based on achieving the goals you set.
  • Coaching is like having someone on your team.
  • Coaching is empathetic and based on listening.
  • Coaching isn’t giving advice or recommendations without permission.
  • Coaching is science-based, improving self-efficacy and empowerment.
  • Coaching isn’t therapy.

We Explore With Your Permission:

  • Using Food as Medicine & Easy Cooking
  • Practical Supplementation & What You Missed On Your Health Journey
  • Navigating Difficult Social Situations
  • Friends and Relationship & Shedding Toxic Ones
  • Career and Work Demands & Prioritizing Social Obligations
  • Understanding What Brings You, Joy, & Ignites Creativity
  • Finding Your Healthy Spirit & Connecting With Your Inner Self
  • Identifying and Dismantling Destructive Coping Behaviors & Negative Inner Dialogue
  • Cleaning Up Your Environment

Who is Health Coaching For?

Health coaching is for those who…

  • Believe they can make improvements in their health
  • Have the drive and resources to focus on what matters
  • Are open-minded and have a sense of humor
  • Want to hear the truth instead of sugar coating
  • Are trying to eat better on their own and are failing
  • Are resonating with this and feel excited about it!

Coaching may be a good fit for you if you’re ready to make changes and move forward in your life. If you need help resolving past trauma, please seek professional mental health care. Coaching is never a substitute for professional mental health help or medical care of any kind.

Exclusive opportunity to work with Shelly virtually to receive a real personalized experience. Individualized health coaching is for anyone who wants to make better decisions concerning their health, are under treatment with a doctor, want to be held accountable, or need someone to see their blind spots.