Living with chronic fatigue and health challenges?

Navigating chronic illness since my mid 20’s and my health and wellness coaching professional training has positioned me to help you get into your driver’s seat of your chronic illness and chronic fatigue.

My personal experience has taught me so much:

I've successfully beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, a broken gut, chronic candida, severe brain fog and toxic mold exposure and relationships. I grew up eating a typical “American Diet” doing “all the things” having fun in my city, going to concerts, happy hours, and festivals.

My career and relationships were severely impacted by my failing health. I believed my diagnosis was incurable, and I bought into the CFS/ME prognosis. I was a patient of Dr. Nancy Klimas at the Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine for 7 years. While I knew supplements and medications would help, I was never told how to use food as medicine and how to understand what ingredients were causing my inflammation as well as fighting it.

Does this sound like you?

When I read about recovery stories I thought, “they weren’t sick like me” or “there’s no way they had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. I always thought my illness and suffering was unique.

Everyone is different but the one thing that is the always the same...the dis-ease becomes too much to handle and robs us of the life we want.

If you’re lost, you need the right type of support and personal encouragement to step into a mindset that will no longer hold you back. Join the thousand’s of others who took a chance on a coach and mentor.

by phone or virtual meeting today! For just $8.20 for 30 minutes!


What is Wellness Mentoring?

  • Mentoring isn't coaching or focused on goals.
  • Mentoring isn’t assigning protocols and supplements.
  • Mentoring isn't’ therapy.

Mentoring is advice, recommendations, and personal support from a person who has gone through the worst days to the best days. Mentoring is about helping you discover what you need with compassion, empathy, and encouragement.

We Explore With Your Permission:

  • Using Food as Medicine & Easy Cooking
  • Practical Supplementation & What You Missed On Your Health Journey
  • Navigating Difficult Symptoms & Fatigue Management (PEM - post-exertional malaise)
  • Friends and Relationship & Shedding Toxic Ones
  • Career and Work Demands & Prioritizing Social Obligations
  • Understanding What Brings You Joy & Ignites Creativity
  • Finding Your Healthy Spirit & Connecting With Your Inner Self
  • Identifying and Dismantling Destructive Coping Behaviors & Negative Inner Dialogue
  • Cleaning Up Your Environment

Who is Wellness Mentoring For?

Those who...

  • believe they can get better even though they don't know how or what it will look like
  • don’t believe their prognosis because they have hope
  • are open minded and have a sense of humor
  • want to hear the truth instead of sugar coating
  • are working with a supportive integrative practitioner or functional medicine doctor
  • are trying to heal on their own and are failing
  • are resonating with this and feel excited about it.
Coaching may be a good fit for you if you’re ready to make changes and move forward in your life. If you need help resolving past trauma, please seek professional mental health care. Coaching is never a substitute for professional mental health help or medical care of any kind.

by phone or virtual meeting today! For just $8.20 for 30 minutes!

Shelly Haines, nature photo

A Personal Note From Me to You…

You do not have to stay sick with a diagnosis.

You do not have to keep “normalizing” symptoms.

You no longer need to be a victim of the mistreatment from the medical community, and lack of understanding by those in your life.

You have permission to be optimistic, hopeful, and brave.

You are heard, understood, and seen.

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