My Story

Over seven years ago I became very sick, and had to sacrifice many aspects of my life including my teaching career. Even Though I made some lifestyle changes, I was trying to live the same way before my health struggle. After not succeeding in a real recovery for several years, I made a promise to myself that I would try something different. I was tired of being sick and barely getting through the day despite being under a physician’s care.

When I embraced my new reality and a state of healing from the inside out, I made big improvements in my health, happiness, and career. Through gradual modifications and mindset shifts, I gained insight and a new perspective on life. Coming full circle, I made the life changing decision to become a health and wellness coach, so I can teach others what I’ve learned and guide others who want support during their health journey.

I’m a certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) who has years of experience navigating a complex health journey. When I work with others, I help them look at their whole health, mind, body and spirit, through a holistic lens. My coaching style is individualized, heart-centered, and client led. I have a special knack for navigating chronic illnesses and challenges, the healing journey, and work-life balance stress.

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