Triumph Over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A 7 Year Battle
November 24, 2020
Triumph Over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A 7 Year Battle
November 24, 2020

Nutrition Tips: Eating Healthy for Chronic Fatigue and 5 Foods You Should Avoid

Eating healthy for chronic fatigue, chronic illness, and chronic disease is a lifestyle change that gradually happens over time.

In my last post, I wrote about what I did to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It took a while to understand just how important nutrition was directly impacting my illness. I always looked to my doctors for direction and advice, but the takeaway I learned is that I am responsible for my health, not anyone else or any medicine.

When our bodies are under immense stress, even if we feel it’s normal everyday stress, it will give us signals. These signals show up as a headache, digestive issues, arthritis, HBP, tiredness, congestion, mood swings, and body aches and the list goes on. In our modern overworked society, these symptoms have been normalized and they shouldn’t. Chronic disease and chronic illness are rampant like we’ve never seen before in the US, and chronic illness is especially higher in women.

If I would’ve known back then what I know now, I bet I could’ve saved myself some time in healing and prevented further damage.

Here is the one quote we should remember and act upon.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” 


Not even the doctors told me to eat healthily, or what to avoid.

While I was eating frozen pizzas, drinking my favorite IPA’s, and cooking with the most inflammatory oils on the market, I was depriving my body of the nutrient-dense food that is desperately needed to fight viral re-activation and strengthen my failing immune system.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle habit, and oh boy do I know how it can become overwhelming with all the information online. My wise coaching instructor said, START SMALL….as in micro-steps, so here is exactly how I began my healthy eating journey.

Crowd out the bad, and find alternatives.

5 Foods To Avoid If Your Eating Healthy For Chronic Fatigue, or Chronic Disease

  1. Inflammatory Oils – Hydrogenated Oils which means any yellow oils, like corn, canola, and etc. Also, READ the labels on food to see if they contain these oils. It can be hard to avoid them, which can be found in margarine, candy bars, cake mixes, processed foods, and even seemingly innocent coffee creamers. Like sugar, hydrogenated oils promote inflammation in the body that can worsen your symptoms. Instead, use these unrefined healthy oils.
  2. Sugar – this means added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, anything that isn’t a natural sugar. All forms of added sugar act the same in your body, whether that’s high fructose corn syrup or white, brown, or raw sugar, says Lori Chong, RD, of Ohio State University. “Not only does sugar promote inflammation, but it also uses up a lot of nutrients since the body has to process it.” Just think in terms of teaspoons, not tablespoons. Choose maple syrup, honey, monk fruit, and etc this list of ideas here. Check out the free sugar addiction guide to help kick the sugar cravings.
  3. Fried Foods – this is a no-no all around. It raises your blood pressure and puts a lot of strain on your body’s digestive system. I cannot tell you how horrible I felt after eating fried foods, so I remembered that feeling to cognitively make fried foods an aversion. Fried foods are chemically addictive.
  4. White Pasta and Bread – There’s zero nutritional value in these foods, and only calories you have to burn. Not only that but now you have extra carbs to burn and it will spike your sugar levels. It’s also heavy on the digestive system so all the energy is moved to digest the starchy foods resulting in fatigue. I struggled with food crashes for years and it was a miserable experience.
  5. Dairy – is highly inflammatory, so choose alternatives without added sugars or hydrogenated oils. Humans were not designed to drink cow’s milk in excess as we’ve been taught by the government. Calcium is found in other natural foods we were meant to eat, and the amount of fat, hormones, and traces of antibiotics in dairy is alarming and dangerous.
Eat healthy for chronic fatigue. Food is medicine photo.
Take the time to prepare one new healthy meal a week.

Eating Healthy for Chronic Fatigue
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Okay, this is a BONUS – Gluten should be avoided in excess. Some people will notice a big difference when they stop eating gluten, whereas others only a little. IT is inflammatory and is like glue in your digestive system, and it’s not a necessary ingredient for us to eat for nutrition. It’s an additive to hold food together. It can destroy the gut over time if eaten in excess and will lead to your gut’s inability to absorb nutrients from food forcing you to supplement, otherwise known as Leaky Gut. This was my case, (in addition to other issues) and I repaired my gut and now can eat small amounts of gluten in moderation. Read the download below for more information on who should avoid gluten.

Knowing How To Eat Healthy Can Be Easy With Guidance

I’m wishing you have a Happy and Healthy New Year if you’re reading this. This year has been challenging, and we are destined for a better year full of all the things we worked so hard for in 2020.

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